Our services

Mobile Alliance offers a wide range of custom development services for very reasonable prices. We focus on developing mobile games on J2ME platform, however we also provide a lot of extra content, such as ringtones, screensavers or themes, upon request.

We work with full-cycle projects, following the game from its very concept till the final quality assurance and testing stage. We also perform separate assignments, be it character animation, engine programming or music composition. The content we develop is neatly designed, very good-looking, and exceptionally enjoyable.

Our services:

  • Mobile game development (MIDP, J2ME games)
  • Localization services. (most of the European languages included)
  • Porting services
  • Design and animation services
    • Character Animation
    • Environment Animation
    • Level Design
    • Themes and wallpapers
  • Music
    • Soundtrack composition
    • Sound effects

Regardless of the project scale and budget we always strive to ensure the utmost customer satisfaction. We deliver the work on time, fully tested and of highest quality. By choosing us, you may be confident that your project will be a success.

Contact us for a detailed quote on your particular project:

Email: sales@rosen-studio.com