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Our Games
Book of Masters

The book of masters – it’s a new amazing game, which includes Russian fairy tail mixed with traditions and quality of Disney. The book of masters – it’s  a continuing adventure – cinema from Disney, in which the main role belongs to you!

The Return of Musketeers

Guardsmen, musketeers, intrigue, sword, shooting ... This game «The Return of Musketeers» no different from the same movie. The player will become a party to the bloody intrigues will trench a path through hordes of enemies.

Summer Games 2008

Summer Games 2008 is your chance to win gold medals, bring a victory to your national team, set a world record and become a champion competing with the best sportsmen in the world.

Decision Maker

To be or not to be? This is the question! Shall I invite her for a date or not? Shall I take an umbrella or is it going to be a sunny day? Shall I ask for a better salary? Everyday you have to make different decisions...

Blox World

Connect the same blocks together and take a 40 levels. Beautiful graphics and music. Each block their emotions. He smiles laughs, nostalgia and ape. Game of the level to a level more difficult and requires a well thought to undergo regular level.