Game Details

DND is an action rich game sets you on an honorable mission of freeing small Earth settlement from an alien attack. Armed in the beginning with only a gun and a knife you have to fight masses of aliens and if you’re not smart enough you might never help Bersville settlers.
The side-scrolling shoot-em-up features several tough missions all set in different locations including jungle, empty village and underground alien base. Throughout the missions you can collect first aids to revive your character as well as various types of heavy weapons, including a huge plasma-gun, to help you stand up against the enemies.

Special Features:

  • Up to 5 thrill-filled levels
  • Rich variety of weapons: pistol, knife, bombs, plasma-gun
  • Smart enemy not willing to give up so easily
  • Outstanding graphics
  • Excellent soundtrack and music
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Download D.N.D. Demo for Nokia Series 60

dnd_2 dnd_3 dnd_4 dnd_5 dnd_6


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